Game companies starting with letter H

Company nameGamesFoundedLocationWww
HAL Laboratory 3 1980 Tokyo, Japan www
Hasbro Interactive 4 1995 Alameda, CA, U.S.  
HB Studios Multimedia 1 2000 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Hero Music Company 1 1992 Brno, Czech Republic www
Hewson Consultants 3 1980 Oxfordshire, United Kingdom  
Hi-Tech Expressions 4 1988 Lower Manhattan, NYC, USA  
High Voltage Software 1 1993 Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA www
Himeya Soft 1 1991 Yokohama, Japan  
Holistic Design 1 1992 Atlanta, GA  
Hollyware 1 1991 California, USA  
Horror Soft 1 1988 United Kingdom www
Hothouse Creations 1 1996 Bristol, United Kingdom  
Housemarque 1 1995 Helsinki, Finland www
Hudson Soft 7 1973 Midtown Tower, Tokyo, Japan www
Human Entertainment 0 1987 Japan www
Humongous Entertainment 5 1992 Bothell, Washington, USA www

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