Game companies starting with letter N

Company nameGamesFoundedLocationWww
Nadeo 1 2000 Paris, France www
Namco 6 1955 Ōta, Tokyo, Japan www
Nébula Entertainment 1 1999 Sevilla, Spain  
neo Software Produktions 1 1993 Hirtenberg, Austria  
Neural Storm Entertainment 1 1994 Seattle, United States  
Neverhood, The 1 1996 Lake Forest, CA, USA  
Neversoft Entertainment 2 1994 Woodland Hills, California, U.S.  
New World Computing 9 1984 Agoura Hills, CA, US  
Nihon Falcom 3 1981 Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan www
Nintendo 16 1889 Kyoto, Japan www
NoSense 1 1994 Brno, Czech republic  
NovaLogic 4 1985 Agoura Hills, CA, USA www
Novotrade International 3 1983 Budapest, Hungary  

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