Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Windows game, 1998

Epic MegaGames
Project Two Interactive
3rd-person, Platform, Side-view

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Sometimes a person just needs to shut down and play some completely crazy shooter which only goal is to entertain you, without heavy thinking over complicated puzzles. Jack Jazzrabbit 2 offers exactly this. Jazzrabbit 2 is now a cult game in platform games world. The game is crazy - from its graphic elements and features to the gameplay, music and characters. Although at first glance it may not look like it is a classic love story between boy and girl, and as always, girl gets kidnapped and it is up to you to save her. In this case, the love is between bunny rabbits Jack and Eve and in the game you play the role of Jazz, but you can also play as Jazz's brother Spaza, or his sister Lori. You will enjoy several different levels in underground, swamp, forest, also in the lava fields, that are nicely done in a crazy style.

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