Toxic Bunny

DOS game, 1996

Celestial Games
Vision Software
Platform, Side-view
Shooter, Animals, Humor
DOS (1996)

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Toxic Bunny is a classic 2D platformer with adventure elements. In the game, you control a bunny that inadvertently got involved in the accident of a truck carrying toxic waste during its coffee break. The toxic waste spilled directly on the poor rabbit, who mutated under his influence and vowed to take revenge on the person who caused the accident. Feeling the Jazz Jackrabbit vibes? During his journey to justice, Toxic Bunny will encounter many dangerous enemies, such as mutated rats, giant spiders, bats or giant caterpillars, and will have to face many obstacles known from classic platformers. Several different weapons will help you destroy enemies, for example, you have toxic barrels, a submachine gun, a Molotov cocktail. During the game, you can also collect various colored potions, which you eventually have the opportunity to mix and thus get some useful effect, so you can easily become immortal for a moment, or heal yourself thanks to the potion, or even improve your jumping ability. During your adventure, you will also find a lot of money, for which you have the opportunity to buy something useful. Unlike most classic platformers, Toxic Bunny also has several adventure elements, it is mainly about collecting various items, which you must then use correctly at the right moment.

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