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Welcome to - the site that offers you the Best Old Games for free download. Our goal is to revive and bring you the DOS games you loved the most as a child. Even today, these games have their charm and can bring you a lot of fun for many hours. At this moment more than 500 games are available and waiting to be played again.
Old games are often referred to as abandonware - this is a term for the abandoned software - for example software that is no longer sold and its original creator does not provide any support for it.

New games

The Sims small screenshot

The Sims


At the time, this game made a real revolution. There were no superheroes, ancient secrets and half-naked beauties with submachine guns, you didn't wear commando's camouflage pants and you didn't hold a cold steel pistol in your hand. You have lived in an ordinary life in a virtual world. Tie a Hermes tie around your neck, get a Samsonite briefcase and go to work. Yes, what else did you expect? You have to make money to get your wife happy, and it's high time to buy a big TV. Neighbours are coming to visit, you have to get ready. Welcome to life.

Sims are like humans. Only tiny. Each of them has an impressive number of needs - from the most primitive to the highly spiritual - satisfy them, otherwise you will get a "completely dissatisfied person". Don't forget that you are not alone here - it would be nice to take care of your loved ones as well. The sims around you (I almost wrote "people") will run to you to meet, communicate, and then, maybe, they'll come to the wedding (no, what you think they'll show won't show what a pity). Of course, everything depends on you - you can be a smelly neighbor with a dirty driveway and dirty shoes, no one will even look at you. But if you become a charming handsome man, you will immediately make a fuss and the Sims from all around will start coming to you (and emptying your refrigerator).

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle small screenshot

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle


The sequel to Maniac Mansion takes place five years after the events of the first part. An old acquaintance - Purple Tentacle (Purple Tentacle) - despite the warning of his friend Green Tentacle, drinks toxic slush, which flows out of the laboratory of Dr. Fred Edison, after which he mutates and grows his hands. Purple acknowledges this with gratitude, specifically saying, "It makes me feel GREAT! Smarter! More aggressive! I feel like I could ... like I could ... TAKE ON THE WORLD !!!". Green is worried about him, so he sends a letter to his friend, the physicist Bernard (one of the playable characters in the first part), asking for help and mentioning that Dr. Fred wants to kill them both. Bernard doesn't hesitate, takes his two partners with him - rocker Hoagie and a mad medical student Laverne - and sets off for the Edison family's house. Here he frees both Tentacles without much difficulty, which Purple uses and leaves to begin his plan to rule the world. After a while, Dr. Fred, scolds Bernard, and as punishment, along with Laverne and Hoagie, puts him in a time machine called Chron-O-John and sends them back in time so that in the past they can shut down the machine that produces the toxic waste Purple has loaded to fix everything. .

The House of the Dead small screenshot

The House of the Dead


The House of the Dead is a game with a weak story, incredibly short game time and not very high-quality graphics. But it is also a game where no one is looking for anything like that. The House of the Dead is a typical representative of a certain subgenre of action games, so-called on-rail shooters, where the player does not even control the movement of his character, only the sight of the gun. The game provides the player with an approximately one-hour escape from a terrifying real world infected with thought, to a utopian paradise full of various bloodthirsty zombies, where he is only required to press the mouse buttons furiously. What makes the House of the Dead attractive against the competition is, of course, its brutality - where in other shooters the enemies just fell (at best with effective somersaults), here it is possible to shoot zombies to pieces. Thanks to that, a person feels very good about shooting. The difficulty is, of course, arcade extreme, but it can hardly be taken as a reproach. Especially with bosses, this difficulty is achieved thanks to their fast movement, when you have a fraction of a second to hit + by flooding the player with a number of projectiles, due to which he has to defeat several times.

Maniac Mansion Deluxe small screenshot

Maniac Mansion Deluxe


There are weird people living in Maniac Mansion: Dr. Fred, a "retired" physician turned mad scientist; Nurse Edna, a former health care professional whose hobbies would make a sailor blush; Weird Ed, a teenage commando with a hamster fetish; and then there's Dead Cousin Ted, and the Tentacle, and somebody - or something - else... And what's a sweet young cheerleader named Sandy doing in Dr. Fred's basement?

Your goal is to direct a team of three local college students (including Sandy's boyfriend Dave) through the mansion to rescue Sandy. As you explore, you'll meet all the strange inhabitants of the mansion, and you'll discover Dr. Fred's ambition to control the world - one teenage at a time.

You'll find that each of the seven teenagers you can choose from has special skills, talents, and weaknesses. And each of the crazy occupants of the mansion has goals and desires that can help or hinder your team, depending on how you handle them. The story - and your approach to rescuing Sandy - will be different depending on which kids you choose and how you interact with the people and things inside the mansion itself.

Each of the possible stories in Maniac Mansion is really a large, complex puzzle made up of scores of smaller puzzles. From time to time, movie-like "cut-scenes" reveal clues about the story and what's going on elsewhere. As you discover the smaller puzzles that make up each story line, you'll find that most will have to be solved in a certain order. There are always several ways to get something done - but of course, there is always a best way. Good luck!

Shufflepuck Cafe small screenshot

Shufflepuck Cafe


The point of the game is that we have a table, two dice, a puck, us (first person view) and our opponent. You can choose from the whole "zoo" (futurism appears here - the action takes place in a kind of interplanetary cafe, as if cut from the world of Star Wars): there are many kinds of mutants and aliens. Then you throw the puck to knock someone else's dice and wait for our opponent to react. "Playing the puck" can be done in many ways, including (apparent) breaking the rules (for example, changing the length of the "stick" you hit the puck with). You must win 15 rounds to win.

The graphics is minimalist and beautiful at the same time: after all, most screens are static, while the table and especially the portraits of your opponents are a real work of art. In my opinion, this game is much better (and more challenging and more beautiful) than all kinds of card games and other "social entertainment" and is ideal for almost everyone to calm their nerves in the evening or during working hours when you have some free time.

Boppin' small screenshot



A really great hybrid puzzle / arcade game and definitely one of the most underrated games of this genre. The plot is as follows: a certain group of creatures has captivated all the famous villains from video games, and now only funny creatures with triangular heads can save them. You play as a video game character named Boik and Yeet, who discovers that Sweety Hunnybunz is behind it all, catching and imprisoning all the negative game characters. He wants to rid the world of all evil and unclean, and games are the first to hit. Yeet and Boik must not only free the captured characters, but confront Hunnybunz, his wife and son Oops. The goal is to remove all blocks of different colors and shapes in a level. The player moves through the level and throws blocks at the 45 degree angle, which are generated on the teleport. It must hit correctly and when a combination of two or more blocks of the same color is reached, they will disappear. If a combination of a square or a cross can be achieved, the result is the rescue of one game character. The number of wrong throws is limited, if a block is generated that cannot be used, the player can get a new one for 20 points.

Sid Meier's Gettysburg! small screenshot

Sid Meier's Gettysburg!


The game Sid Meier's Gettysburg! is focusing on a key battle of the American Civil War - the Battle of Gettysburg - in the form of a real-time strategy. The game is designed so that the correct handling of the terrain has the greatest influence on the successful completion of the battle. At the beginning of the fight, the player receives comprehensive information about the status of his and the enemy army, the number of combat-ready reserves, the nature of the terrain, etc., and most importantly, he is also acquainted with the tasks that need to be completed. Infantry, cavalry and artillery units are then available in the game itself. Each unit has its own unique characteristics, the volume of experience gained, the level of morale and the ability to fight in formation. In addition to the classic real-time combat, the title also supports a tactical mode, where the player carefully checks each action using checkpoints, and then just monitors the progress of the fight, which is already controlled by the computer. In addition to one big scenario of the whole battle from the perspective of both sides, the game also offers a fictitious campaign, consisting of seven parts, which are generated based on the player's progress in the first mission. In the interface of the game, complemented by briefings, one can feel the effort to evoke the atmosphere of the second half of the 19th century.

EF 2000: Special Edition small screenshot

EF 2000: Special Edition


EF2000 is a simulator of the Eurofighter 2000 fighter aircraft. The game is set in a fictitious war conflict, when Russia is about to invade Europe and for this purpose creates strongholds in northern Europe (for easier progress of its invading troops). The individual battles will take place in the detailed modeled environments of the Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Norway and parts of Russia.

The game contains 3 game modes: Quick Combat, Simulator and Training. Quick Combat and Simulator are the two main modes in which air battles with machines take place according to real models (F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Mig-29, Mig-21) or various operational tasks are performed (destruction of ground targets ). Training mode includes aircraft exercises and controls (takeoffs, landings or refueling in flight).

Anvil of Dawn small screenshot

Anvil of Dawn


The game story is simple and pretty straightforward. The event takes place in the world of Tempest, which was once created by the gods of the Great Void. Everything was more or less good, everything worked, but suddenly a dark lord appeared who called himself simply Warlord. With unprecedented force, he assembled an army of evil creatures and, leaving the Wasteland, began to conquer fertile lands where people lived in good and justice. The armies of the good are unable to withstand the dark magic controlled by Warlord. And so the sage, who serves as an advisor to the queen of good lands, sends a request for help, to which five different heroes respond. Their task is to penetrate far into the lands captured by darkness and from there into the lands of evil, to find the source of sorcery and destroy it.

The game begins with the selection of a character. We will only play as one hero, although unlike many similar games, the other characters will then meet a selected hero as NPCs with whom you can talk. There are not many differences between the 5 heroes presented, except for their appearance and initial characteristics. These parameters can be modified - not completely, but in a fairly wide range. The role-playing system is quite simple: the character has strength, endurance, skill and magic. The force affects the damage done and the hero's carrying capacity. Stamina is how much he can fight with a weapon until he gets tired. Both of these parameters determine the initial level of health. Dexterity affects the accuracy of character strikes and the chance to avoid enemy strikes. Magic determines the initial level of mana, the speed of its recovery and the power of spells. Health and mana gradually regenerate themselves; there is no "hunger" parameter yet, so you can't rest to speed up your recovery.

SimRefinery small screenshot



SimRefinery is a forgotten business and manufacturing process simulator developed by Maxis Business Simulation on a private contract, in collaboration with the oil company Chevron. Following the success of the first SimCity, Maxis tried to draw as much attention as possible to the huge potential of such interactive simulators in training specialists in the relevant profile. In this case, we will get acquainted with the work of the oil refinery.

Because the task was to create a game for as little money as possible and in the shortest possible time, only the very basic processes of oil refining were implemented. The parameters of most processes can be adjusted and you can immediately see the change in related quantities and volumes. For example, a change in temperature at the distillation column trays will change the proportion of heavy and light fractions. The essence of the game is to find the optimal combination of technological modes to maximize profits. The main type of raw material for our refinery is, of course, oil, the type of which you can choose from a list or you can create your own. Natural gas is needed to obtain hydrogen. At the outlet of our production complex we can get liquefied gas, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heating oil, asphalt and sulfur (!). You can create your own recipes in the facilities for mixing finished products. You can also see a brief report on the economic efficiency of the company. Occasional events, such as a sharp change in oil prices or a fire, enrich the factory routine. And that's all.