SNES game, 1990

Sci-Fi / Futuristic
SNES (1990), DOS (2002)

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F-Zero is the first game in the F-Zero series and was a launch game for the SNES. In 2560, a new sport was born at the instigation of bored multi-billionaires - F-Zero racing, inspired by Formula 1 racing. But F-Zero is much faster, more furious and dangerous, and failure equals death, which attracted the attention of the most daring and dangerous people or aliens in the galaxy, which include the bounty hunter Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, the assassin Pico and the bandit Samurai Goroh. The big tournament can begin... F-Zero is a futuristic racing game, serving as a launch game for the SNES console. It contains 15 tracks divided into three races of increasing difficulty. The tracks contain a lot of tricky obstacles, such as mines, magnets, chasms and extremely sharp turns, which are difficult to pick out at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour. These obstacles not only slow you down, but can also damage or even destroy your car, which equals game over. F-Zero was also the first game to serve as a demonstration of the SNES console's graphics mode called Mode 7, which allowed one of the background layers to be rotated to create the illusion of perspective and 3D space, effectively helping to create a sense of speed.

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