Alley Cat

DOS game, 1984

Synapse Software
Atari 8-bit (1983), DOS (1984)

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Alley Cat is one of those games you will never forget (here specifically because of the catchy midi music). In the game, you control a cat who tries to jump from the backyard to the fence and into the windows of a house in which each room contains a minigame. The aim of the game is to get enough points in the mini-games to make the cat lady look out the window at the cat and the cat jumps into the room with hearts after her. In this room, you have to jump over unstable hearts to the highest promenading cat and kiss it. If the cat succeeds, the difficulty of the game will increase and the cat will continue to play until something robs him of all his lives. The cat's efforts are made difficult by a running dog, brooms, mice on clothes lines and inside rooms, for example, spiders on curtains or electric shocks in the aquarium

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Game review

Miaau .... Choose the level of the cat as you feel and you can start hunting for mice ...

You start on the street (as every rich man says, you won't miss your career) and sometimes a dog runs around you (or rather a white spot and when he catches you the PC speaker sounds and the spot changes to black - you will understand that it's wrong) so watch out for him. The escape is a jump to the garbage cans, but sometimes another cat peeks out - there is one in each garbage can (it reminds me of a joke about children ...). When it peeks out, it lifts the lid and you fall. On the dog. So the recommendation is clear, jump even higher, grab some of the hanging laundry and catch, mice ... the surprise for me was when I climbed into the apartment and there was a huge Emmental or something. in it, of course, mice. However, there was no dog but a flying broom - without the owner it was obviously quite aggressive. After catching the mouse, it is played outside ...

Rating? for 1984 it could be quite good, today just like a break. If you have ever played this game in your youth, of course also in old age, there is no discrimination, so even a little nostalgia will not hurt ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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