Game companies starting with letter K

Company nameGamesFoundedLocationWww
Kalisto Entertainment 3 1990 Bordeaux, France  
Kemco 2 1984 Kure, Hiroshima, Japan www
Kingsoft 1 1983 Aachen, Germany  
Kixx 1 1986 Birmingham, United Kingdom  
Kixx XL 1 1992 USA  
Knowledge Adventure 1 1991 Torrance, CA, USA  
KOEI 6 1978 Imafuku-cho, Ashikaga City, Japan www
Kompart UK 1 1990 United Kingdom  
Konami 24 1969 Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan www
Korea Media Link 1   Korea  
Krisalis Software 7 1987 Rotherham, United Kingdom  
Kron Simulation 3 1990 Germany  

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