Game companies starting with letter W

Company nameGamesFoundedLocationWww
Wargaming West 1 1997 Chicago, Illinois, USA  
WarnerActive 0 1995 United States  
Warped Minds 1 1992 United Kingdom  
Webfoot Technologies 3 1993 Lemont, IL, US www
Wendell Hicken 1 1967 Los Angeles, CA, USA www
Westone 2 1986 Sumida, Tokyo, Japan  
Westwood Studios 18 1985 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  
White Wolf Productions 1 1991 Santa Monica, CA, USA  
Wiering Software 5 2001 Nijmegen, Netherlands www
Witan Entertainment 1 1986 Haarlem, Netherlands www
Wizards of the Coast 1 1990 Seattle, USA www
WizardWorks Group 2 1990 Minneapolis, MN, USA  
WMS Industries 1 1974 Enterprise, NV, United States  
Wow Entertainment 3 1984 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan  

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