Game companies starting with letter F

Company nameGamesFoundedLocationWww
Factor 5 1 1987 Cologne, Germany www
Fantasy Productions 1 1983 Erkrath, Germany  
FASA Studio 1 1994 Redmond, Washington, U.S. www
Firaxis Games 4 1996 Sparks, Maryland, U.S. www
First Star Software 3 1982 Chappaqua, New York, USA www
Flair Software 2 1983 Newcastle, England  
Fluid Entertainment 1 1998 Mill Valley, CA, USA  
Focus Entertainment 1   Paris, France www
FormGen 4 1987 Bolton, ON, Canada  
Fox Interactive 1 1994 Beverly Hills, CA, USA  
Frank Schindler 1   Dresden, Germany  
Free Fall Associates 1 1981 San Francisco, CA, USA www
Free Lunch Design 2 1998 Gothenburg, Sweden  
Frontier Developments 2 1994 Cambridge, UK www
FTL Games 2 1982 San Diego, CA, USA  
Funcom 1 1993 Oslo, Norway www
Funsoft 1 1993 Germany  
Futura 1 1989 France  

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