Himeya Soft Inc.

Yokohama, Japan

Company History:

Oct,1991 - HimeyaSoft, Inc. Established in Toshima Ward, Tokyo
Sep,1993 - Office Relocated to Toda City, Saitama
Nov,1996 - Office Relocated to Saitama City, Saitama
Dec,1996 - Company Homepage Opened
Jan,1997 - Game Soft for SEGA SATURN "EVE burst error" Released
Apr,1998 - Himeya Soft, Inc. USA Established in California, USA
Aug,1998 - HimeyaShop Opened
Jan,1999 - Network Game "Mystic Weaver" Released
Mar,2000 - Game Soft for PlayStation "EVE-ZERO" Released
Sep,2001 - Game Soft for PlayStation "EVE The Fatal Attraction" Released
Feb,2002 - Issued Shares Increased to 774 Capital Increased to 38,700,000 Yen
Jun,2002 - Official Mobile Phone Content for NTT Docomo iMode "iCON Date Book" Started
Jul,2003 - Game Soft for PlayStation "EVE burst error PLUS" Released
Aug,2003 - Official Mobile Phone Content for KDDI EZweb "iCon Date Book" Started
Aug,2006 - Office Relocated to Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Nov,2006 - Website Design Services "Shuukyakuou" Started
Dec,2006 - Website Hosting Services "Makaserou" Started

Company's most popular games on BestOldGames.net
  1. Fatal Relations (1993) — Publisher

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