Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.

Midtown Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Website: (wiki)
Hudson Soft was founded on May 18, 1973. Initially, it dealt with personal computer products, but later expanded to the development and publishing of video games, mobile content, video game peripherals and music recording. Hudson is best known for developing game series such as Bomberman, Adventure Island, and Bonk's Adventure.
Company's most popular games on
  1. Dyna Blaster (Bomberman) (1992) — Developer
  2. Adventure Island (1986) — Developer, Publisher
  3. Adventure Island 3 (1992) — Developer, Publisher
  4. Nectaris (1995) — Developer
  5. Adventure Island 2 (1991) — Developer, Publisher
  6. Faxanadu (1987) — Developer, Publisher
  7. Felix the Cat (1992) — Developer, Publisher

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