Adventure Island 3

NES game, 1992

Hudson Soft
Hudson Soft
Platform, Side-view

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Released in 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Adventure Island 3 is the third installment in the beloved Adventure Island series. Building upon the successful formula of its predecessors, Adventure Island 3 introduces new gameplay elements and challenges, making it a worthy and exciting continuation of the franchise.

In Adventure Island 3, the storyline once again revolves around Master Higgins, who must embark on a daring rescue mission. This time, his beloved girlfriend, Tina, has been abducted by aliens, adding a fresh and unexpected twist to the series' narrative. This intergalactic angle brings a new dimension to Master Higgins' adventure, as he travels across various islands, each with unique environments and challenges, to save Tina.

Master Higgins can now team up with several different dinosaurs, each possessing unique abilities that are crucial for navigating the game's diverse landscapes. These dinosaurs not only add variety to the gameplay but also allow for more strategic and creative approaches to overcoming obstacles and enemies. The core platforming mechanics of the Adventure Island series are maintained and refined in Adventure Island 3. Players guide Master Higgins through a series of challenging levels, filled with treacherous terrain, hostile creatures, and tricky obstacles.

Today, Adventure Island 3 is remembered as a classic NES platformer and a high point in the Adventure Island series. Its charm, challenge, and creativity have secured its place in the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts and have cemented Master Higgins' status as a beloved character in the world of video games.

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