Wacky Wheels

DOS game, 1994

Apogee Software
Animals, Cartoon
DOS (1994)
Also known as:
Wacky Kart

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Another cartoon racing game? Not exactly. In this game you won't find familiar names or fast cars. Instead of well-known riders you play as animal and race in go-karts. In Wacky Wheels it's not just about being the fastest one, you must also use various bonuses and power ups on your opponents, so you slow them down. The game is obviously very inspired by Mario Karts from 1992, only Mario characters were replaced by animals. Wacky Wheels offers two game modes. On the one hand, there are classic races against seven opponents, and then we have the Wacky Duck Shoot mode, in which the player's task is to drive around special arenas and shoot giant ducks on wheels. In race mode, the player first chooses one of eight animals to race as. There is a raccoon, panda, pelican, elephant, tiger, shark, moose and camel. The races themselves are the purest arcade imaginable. This is enhanced by the fact that your pet can "run over" hedgehogs on the track, which can then be shot at opponents. For each hedgehog you pass, four spikes appear in the competitor's inventory, which he can use as projectiles on opponents. It is also possible to pick up oil, a bomb, a triple fireball and red balls that fly from left to right after being released and complicate the passage. Along with Stuns, Death Rally and Micro Machines, Wacky Wheels was one of the most popular and played DOS races, and you can still have a lot of fun with it to this day.

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