Sonic Riders

Windows game, 2006

Windows (2006)
Also known as:
ソニックライダーズ, 索尼克滑板, 소닉라이더즈

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Sonic Riders, released in 2006 for Windows, is a high-speed departure from traditional Sonic gameplay, this is a unique racing experience within the Sonic universe. This game offers a fresh perspective in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, but it was not a first racing game with Sonic. Sonic Riders is the fourth racing spin-off in the Sonic series, following Sonic R and the Sonic Drift duology. Dr. This time, Eggman invites Sonic and his friends to a worldwide grand prix, with the prize being nothing less than the rare Chaos Emerald. You can try to win it in two story campaigns, one of which follows the familiar trio of heroes Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and the other is devoted to new antagonists Jet the hawk, Wave the swallow and Storm the albatross. The game offers a total of 16 tracks and 16 different playable characters, among which, in addition to Sonic and his friends, you will also find guest characters from NiGHTS into Dreams..., Space Channel 5 or Super Monkey Ball. You will race on gliders powered by air, which you will have to constantly refill during the races. You can get it either in special places like air pipes, by performing tricks or following the air trail of opponents.

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