DOS game, 1995

Manic Media Productions
Virgin Interactive Entertainment
DOS (1995)

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If you ever have the opportunity to try go-karting, I recommend you try it, it's really great fun, the go-kart has completely different driving characteristics than cars. In the 90's, the creators of games also realized this, which tried to transfer the fun side of go-karts (skidding, excellent driving characteristics, go-kart collisions, ...) to video games. The most successful game was probably Wacky Wheels, which was very fun, but really a bit infatile. If they wanted a lot of fun, you had to wait a year longer until SuperKarts came to Windows. In the game you can ride on 16 circuits in 8 countries of the world. At first glance, this may seem relatively small, but unlike the mentioned Wacky Wheels, where there are many circuits, but they are similar to egg eggs, here the circuits differ from each other in terms of graphics, but also other peculiarities. In each level you will find some interesting things (jump over the water abyss, the ruins of a majestic building, ...), or you can discover secret rooms through which you will shorten your path (sometimes even extend it) and collect bonus items in them. These items can be "turbo", "super-grip" and "oil". The biggest fun is using oil, which can cause a lot of collisions for your opponents. I will leave the discovery of other bonus things to you, you will enjoy this fun game, ideally in pairs, when it is the most fun.

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