DOS game, 1991

DMA Design
Platform, Side-view
Puzzle elements, Animals

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The Lemmings, one of the most original games, entered the world in 1991. Using the legendary feature of Lemurs - marching into the sea and subsequent death, an amazing game was created. At the beginning you get a task - ie how many lemurs you have to get through the pitfalls of their short life to the goal. The rest of the lemurs are sacrificed for others. Beautiful isn't it? There are missions where the mortality rate is almost 100%, but in the end, only one surviving lemur is enough to complete the mission...

How do we control the game? Well, we can only control the behavior of lemurs, the problem is that lemurs are constantly increasing and where they go, they just go. A very intelligent creature. So you have to designate a lemur as a wall so that no one can go on. In the end, this good lemur has to detonate, because when he stops... (he has to stay that way) Of course, lemurs can do other tasks. So first he can stand, climb walls, build stairs until he finally learns to jump with a parachute. Such an airborne unit is sometimes useful.

What to say next. I admire the creative imagination of the authors of the game, because they created beautiful maps. Sometimes it's really very difficult to walk through a maze with a crowd of lemurs. The success of the game is best evidenced by several sequels...

I can only recommend this game to all ages, regardless of gender, race or religion (unless of course you are a leopard and this infuriates you)

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