Xmas Lemmings

DOS game, 1991

DMA Design
Real-time, Christmas

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Xmas Lemmings, released in 1991 for DOS, is a festive edition of the popular puzzle game series, Lemmings, developed by DMA Design. This special version was designed to bring a Christmas twist to the beloved Lemmings gameplay, combining the classic puzzle-solving elements with a holiday theme.

In Xmas Lemmings, the basic gameplay remains consistent with the original Lemmings games. Players are tasked with guiding a group of lemmings through various levels to a designated exit. Each level is filled with obstacles, traps, and hazards, requiring strategic use of the lemmings' unique abilities, like digging, building bridges, or blocking other lemmings, to safely navigate through the level.

What sets Xmas Lemmings apart is its festive overhaul. The levels are adorned with Christmas decorations, snowy landscapes, and other holiday-themed elements. The lemmings themselves don festive attire, adding to the cheerful atmosphere. This holiday-themed makeover extends to the game's soundtrack, which features familiar Christmas tunes, contributing to the seasonal feel of the game.

Xmas Lemmings offers a range of levels varying in difficulty. Some are relatively straightforward, serving as a fun and festive experience for casual players, while others present complex puzzles that challenge even experienced Lemmings fans. This mix of easy and challenging levels makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels and ages.

The graphics in Xmas Lemmings, while simple, are charming and colorful, fitting the game's lighthearted and festive nature. The level designs are creative and varied, ensuring that each puzzle feels unique and engaging. Xmas Lemmings is a delightful holiday edition of a classic puzzle game. The game's appeal lies in its ability to provide both a festive atmosphere and a mentally stimulating challenge, making it a favorite among fans of the Lemmings series and holiday-themed games.

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