Daze Before Christmas

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game, 1994

Funcom Productions
Platform, Side-view
Shooter, Christmas

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Daze Before Christmas, released in 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, is a unique and festive platformer game developed by Funcom. This game stands out for its Christmas theme, a rarity in the platforming genre, and offers players a whimsical, holiday-inspired adventure. In Daze Before Christmas, players assume the role of Santa Claus as he embarks on a quest to save Christmas. The story begins when an evil snowman named Louse the Mouse and his army of bad elves and other sinister characters take over Santa’s workshop and steal the presents. Santa must navigate through various levels to reclaim his workshop, rescue the elves, and collect the stolen gifts.

The gameplay involves classic platforming elements, where Santa jumps, climbs, and traverses through diverse levels that include his workshop, ice caves, and other Christmas-themed environments. Santa has a few tricks up his sleeve, such as throwing magic snowballs to turn enemies into snowmen, and a special ability to transform into "Anti-Claus," a devilish version of himself that is invincible for a short time.

Players will encounter various enemies, including giant rats, evil toys, and treacherous bosses, all of which add to the game's challenge and charm. The levels are filled with hidden areas and power-ups, encouraging exploration and replayability. Graphically, Daze Before Christmas showcases colorful and vibrant sprite work typical of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis era. The festive designs, from the character models to the level backgrounds, are filled with holiday cheer. The soundtrack complements the visuals with cheerful and catchy Christmas tunes, enhancing the overall festive atmosphere.

Daze Before Christmas also features a unique gameplay mechanic where players must deliver presents in certain levels. This involves flying Santa's sleigh and dropping presents into chimneys, adding variety to the traditional platforming action.

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