Interpose X-mas Greetings

DOS game, 1996

Webfoot Technologies
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Christmas

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Interpose X-mas Greetings is a special holiday-themed edition of the original Interpose game.  Set against a backdrop of classic holiday scenery, Interpose X-mas Greetings retains the core gameplay of the original Interpose. Players control a spacecraft, navigating through levels filled with enemies and obstacles. The objective is to survive waves of enemy attacks, avoid collisions, and defeat bosses that appear at the end of levels.

The Christmas edition sets itself apart with its festive graphics and sound. The game's environments, enemies, and even the player's spacecraft receive a holiday makeover, featuring Christmas themes, decorations, and colors. This adds a cheerful and light-hearted feel to the otherwise intense and action-packed gameplay.

Despite its festive appearance, Interpose X-mas Greetings doesn't compromise on challenge. The game maintains the difficulty level of the original, requiring players to have quick reflexes and strategic thinking to progress. The enemies and bosses, while donning holiday-themed designs, are as challenging as ever, providing a satisfying experience for fans of the shoot 'em up genre.

One of the key appeals of Interpose X-mas Greetings is its ability to blend the traditional elements of a space shooter with the joy and warmth of the Christmas season. The game’s soundtrack complements this blend perfectly, featuring holiday tunes that add to the festive atmosphere while still keeping the adrenaline of the gameplay.

Graphically, the game showcases the typical mid-90s aesthetic with pixelated sprites and backgrounds. The Christmas-themed designs are executed with a charming simplicity, making the game visually appealing and in line with the holiday spirit.

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