Mega Man X3

SNES game, 1995

Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Platform, Side-view
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
SNES (1995), SEGA Saturn (1996), Windows (1998)
Also known as:
洛克人X3, ロックマンX3, 메가맨 X3, Rockman X3

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Mega Man X and Zero, the robotic members of the Maverick Hunters military group, have already halted Sigma's plans (the Maverick leader), to take over the world. Twice. The Maverick attacks did not seem to end, but Dr. Doppler managed to correct a mistake that made the peaceful Reploids a rebellious Maverick. The grateful Reformed Reploids built Doppler his own city, Dopple Town. But when peace seems to be in place, a new group of Mavericks, most likely led by Dr. Doppler, will attack the Maverick Hunters base. There's nothing you can do, Mega Man X and Zero have to rumble again! The third part of the famous series about Mega Man X, which is also abbreviated as X, continues what Mega Man X started so successfully and what Mega Man X2 followed. Here, too, the player in the role of Mega Man X overcomes obstacles, traps and fights enemy Mavericks, of which there are a huge number. There are several weapons to choose from, and after defeating the boss at the end of each level, another special weapon is added to the arsenal. By collecting power-ups while playing, you can recharge your energy and upgrade your weapon and defense system. In some levels, armored vehicles can also be used to move and attack.

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