DOS game, 1987

Game Arts
Sierra On-Line
Platform, Side-view
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Robot

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Thexder, released in 1987 for DOS, is a game that brought a fresh spin to the action-platformer genre. In Thexder, players controlls a versatile fighter robot capable of transforming between a jet and a humanoid form. This transformation feature isn't just for show; it is central to the game's strategy. Players have to skillfully switch between forms to navigate through levels, avoid obstacles, and battle enemies. The jet form allows for swift movement and flying, while the humanoid form is necessary for combat and tighter spaces.

The game's levels are maze-like, filled with various enemies and hazards. Each level requires careful exploration and strategy to progress. The difficulty level is notably high, a common trait of games from that era, providing a real sense of achievement for those who managed to advance.

Graphically, Thexder is impressive for a game from the late 80s. The robot animations are smooth, and the level designs, while simple, effectively creates a sense of a futuristic world. One of the most remarkable aspects of Thexder is its music. The game features a catchy and now-iconic soundtrack that enhanced the gameplay experience. The opening theme, in particular, is fondly remembered by fans of the game.

Thexder was a game that managed to blend action, strategy, and platforming elements successfully. Its challenge, combined with the novel transformation mechanic, made it a memorable and enjoyable game for many DOS gamers. It remains a classic example of innovative game design from the 1980s.

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