DOS game, 1987

Game Arts
Sierra On-Line
Platform, Side-view
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Robot
NES (1985), DOS (1987), Amiga (1987), Apple II (1987), Macintosh (1990)

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Thexder is a game that brought a fresh spin to the action-platformer genre. In Thexder, players controlls a versatile fighter robot capable of transforming between a jet and a humanoid form. This transformation feature isn't just for show; it is central to the game's strategy. Players have to skillfully switch between forms to navigate through levels, avoid obstacles, and battle enemies. The jet form allows for swift movement and flying, while the humanoid form is necessary for combat and tighter spaces. By combining these two forms, you must overcome various obstacles and search for a way in the vast maze that is made up of each of the 16 levels of the game. The goal is to fight your way to the central computer, destroy it and save the planet. The robot is armed with a homing laser beam in both forms, with firing consuming the robot's energy. In addition, the robot is also equipped with a protective shield that absorbs damage when activated, but also consumes a certain amount of energy when activated. If the energy drops to zero, the robot has no chance of success, fortunately, by killing enemies, the energy is replenished little by little. The game has no save function or level codes, and therefore it is always necessary to complete it in one go.

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