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Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter

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Highly addictive action game from "futuristic" year of 2009 :) You play as a character Nick Vrenna. You are in a locked prison, where everybody else transformed through experiments to mutants. Your task is to escape from the prison and at the same time prevent the further spread of the mutation.

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Imagine a fictitious situation: you are in a laboratory where they develop mutagenic viruses and one succeeds. But what if the virus escapes and infects laboratory staff, who turn into bloodthirsty beasts, fast and able to run on the ceiling? But you're miraculously-immune to infection. This is exactly where the great game Abuse will take you into this fictional situation, which we should look at ...

So I would start by saying that the story is just a cliché to explain why you are there. This game is not about a story - this is about cutting! And not just any! You can see the game from the side, that is, a classic platformer ... But the first surprise comes when you try to shoot and find that you aim the sight and therefore the weapon with the mouse. As in FPS-moving the mouse you move the sight and shoot with the left button ... It seems that it doesn't matter if you shoot with the space bar or the mouse, but it's not true and using the mouse adds agility to the game (and allows it to be a little harder, so situations where you run in front of a crowd of intruders and throw grenades over your shoulder after them are no exception). Another interesting feature - although not so original, are powerups, specifically I'm talking about one, about acceleration, which temporarily speeds up the movement of the character, increases jumps, etc., which again refreshes the game a little, otherwise you can expect classic-lives (which you will pray for and you often fight hard for them), ammunition, which is never enough and of course weapons.

There are 8 weapons in the game, which is not much, but it's not a small one, and if I take into account that the arsenal is quite variable (from laser, grenade launcher, rocket launcher to the equivalent of the Doom BFG) and they are mostly quite stylish ...

Well, this brings me to the graphics: which is ... Well ... It's just stylish Although the environments are generally quite homogeneous, especially the labs (that doesn't mean you don't look elsewhere ...), but it doesn't lack a certain detail.
Levels are designed well-you usually come across traps-it from some nonsense that looks like a fan and when it touches you, it kills you and has the unpleasant ability to move towards you, down the lava ... But the most common are cocoons, which they are hung on the ceiling and mutants come out of them and then it starts a pretty hectic cut! Mutants are in a game of different colors, which shows their stiffness (reds are dead right away, but there will be problems with blue ones, etc.) and what kind of weapon they sometimes have (red lasers, higher categories can launch even with a rocket launcher), otherwise they are all the same, except strange robots, turrets and bosses ..

The sounds are good in the game - it's not a hyperrealistic spike, but they're well and incredibly done, so there's nothing to complain about, everything has its original sound and it really-doesn't please, it doesn't offend.

And now the main content of the game: FIGHT! The game is full of adrenaline-fueled, hectic battles aided by speed and a LOT of enemies, which is sometimes really big — and believe me, eliminate them with a quick retreat as they slowly approach you and don't decrease much (and eventually hit a wall), while this will raise your adrenaline to the heights of heaven, because the game is really fast, nimble and you will never find yourself the moment when you would be bored, it will just play over time.

Overall, the game is really great to play, fast, adrenaline, sometimes more to relax, sometimes to smash the keyboard and most importantly - not boring! You won't give anything for downloading and trying - so do it, you won't regret it! 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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