Lemmings Paintball

Windows game, 1996

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Isometric, Top-down

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In Lemmings Paintball, the classic Lemmings are back, but instead of navigating through perilous landscapes to find safety, they are equipped with paintball guns in an arena-like setting. The objective is to navigate the Lemmings through various levels, using strategic thinking and quick reflexes to outmaneuver and tag opponents with paintballs. This shift from puzzle-solving to a more action-oriented gameplay was a fresh take on the Lemmings franchise.

The game is set in isometric 3D environments, a significant visual upgrade from the 2D worlds of the original Lemmings games. Players control their team of Lemmings across different terrains, hiding behind obstacles and aiming carefully to hit the enemy Lemmings. The levels are creatively designed with various obstacles, traps, and challenges, adding complexity and requiring careful strategic planning.

However, Lemmings Paintball struggled in certain areas. The control system was a problematic for many players. Navigating the Lemmings in a 3D space with precision, especially during fast-paced action, could be challenging and at times frustrating. This was a departure from the more straightforward and intuitive controls of the original puzzle games. The game's AI also posed issues. The enemy Lemmings sometimes exhibited unpredictable behavior, which could either add an unexpected challenge or detract from the strategic gameplay, depending on the situation. Balancing these AI quirks was essential for maintaining the fun and competitive aspect of the game.

Lemmings Paintball was an ambitious attempt to take the Lemmings franchise in a new direction. While it succeeded in introducing a novel and entertaining concept, combining strategy and action, the execution in controls and AI left room for improvement. Nevertheless, for fans of the Lemmings series looking for a different kind of challenge, Lemmings Paintball offered an interesting and fun twist on the classic gameplay.

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