Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

DOS game, 1993

Westwood Studios
Virgin Games
Puzzle elements, Fantasy
DOS (1993)
Also known as:
Lands of Lore: Chaos Na Tronie, Lands of Lore: Kaosu no Gyokuza, 黑暗王座, ランズオブロア

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Lands of Lore is the first part of a trilogy and in my opinion the best one (the second part was graphically better, but still did not reach the fun and good gameplay of the first part, I don't have to mention the third part, it was a flop). Lands of Lore 1 is just super and the one who loves RPG, must play it at least once. The story begins with the wicked Witch Scothia, who discover a gem, which allows you to take on the form of anyone you want. After she finds out the real power of this gem, she decided to declare a war against the king and his kingdom. So the king is forced to choose a hero, who will deal with Scothioa and will bring peace to his kingdom. Of course, the hero is you! …read more

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At the beginning I just want to tell you that the game Lands of Lore was the first part of the trilogy and turned out the best, the second part was graphically excellent but still did not reach the playability of the first part about the third need not even mention, it was a loser. Lands of Lore 1 is just great and the one who likes dungeons must play it at least once.
And now to the game itself. The story begins with the evil witch Scothia discovering a gem in her mines that will allow her to take on the form of various personalities. After the trial, she decided to declare war on the king and his kingdom. So the king is forced to choose a hero who will relieve him of his worries about Scothia, and of course you are the hero.
We have four heroes to choose from, but each is suitable for something different, for example. :
Michael - a purebred warrior, great strength and endurance are his advantage
Akshel - this is a typical mage, weaker in combat but it catches up with its ability to use spells very well (I recommend)
Kieran - is, so to speak, in number, but you can try it, it increases the difficulty of the game
Conrad - a universal and versatile figure

Once we have a character chosen, we must come to the king, who will tell us what role we must fulfill for him. The first task is very simple and consists of bringing a necklace to Gladstone Castle. We will stay at this castle for a while, we can visit a gun seller or an herbalist. And maybe this way you will somehow proceed through the game, you will destroy enemies, find treasures, secret hiding places, free imprisoned people, you will meet many characters, some will help you in your journey, others will not. I believe the world in dungeon / rpg games is difficult. In the game itself you can find things like a lamp that shines underground, of course it must be replenished with oil and after falling from a great height it can break, it is also a compass, naturally pointing north and a magic book in which you write spells.
Something to control the game is very simple and intuitive, it will quickly get into your blood. The movement of the party is solved very well, it does not jump forward like the Eye of the beholder, but it moves smoothly by one square as in the Arena. So as for the overall evaluation of the game, the game is graphically very attractive, its gameplay is perfect. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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