DOS game, 1991

Bitmap Brothers, The
Image Works
Puzzle elements, Fantasy
Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990), DOS (1991)
Also known as:
Cadaver - Corpse

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Cadaver is an extensive isometric action RPG, where you walk through a castle with a dwarf Karadoc, complete puzzles, collect useful artifacts, search for secret passages and fight enemies. The castle has five floors, where each floor means one level. There are up to seventy rooms in each level. Cadaver has won several awards since its release. What about the story? When King Wulf III died, the flourishing kingdom fell into the hands of Lord Carolus. However, shortly after the king's death, he died under mysterious circumstances. And so the surrounding countries are fighting for a rich kingdom. There is poverty in the country, diseases are spreading and there is still war. A lonely royal castle rises on a rock. Solitary? One day, the dwarf Karadoc hears three old men, veterans of Lord Carolus' army, talk about battles and poverty in the country, but also about the murder committed on the lord. Dianos Necromancer moved into the castle with many of his demonic motives, from where he is going to commit evil into the wide world. To Karadac, these stories are stolen until he learns of the huge treasures that can be found in the castle. The expedition begins.

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