The Summoning

DOS game, 1992

Event Horizon Software
Softgold Computerspiele
3rd-person, Isometric
Puzzle elements, Fantasy, Dungeon
DOS (1992)

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Dark overlord Shadow Weaver is ready to conquer the whole world and exterminate all good. Mankind's last hope is the greatest hero of all, the only one which alone has the power to stop evil overlord - You! Even so briefly we could describe the story of this RPG game: The Summoning. The game takes place in a giant labyrint with 40 different levels and lots of annoying monsters. You must fight for your life and gradually gain more strength, so that you can defeat Shadow Weaver and save the world from all the evil he spreads. The game is seen from an isometric view with real-time combat. Although the controls are not as simple as in today's games of this type. The character must be turned correctly towards the opponent and press the attack icon. You have four types of weapons (bows and throws, swords, spears and axes) that improve according to how much you use, which type of weapon and four types of magic for which the same applies. And so you progress through the underground, meeting NPC characters for whom you can do something or just give you advice on your way to evil. On the other hand, you will come across characters who are neither good nor bad, and it depends only on you whether they attack you or not.

Unfortunetally, this game is no longer abandonware.

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