Escape from Hell

DOS game, 1990

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
1st-person, Top-down
Turn-based, Horror
DOS (1990)
Also known as:
Richard & Alan's Escape from Hell

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Escape from Hell is a role-playing game that uses the Wasteland engine. Richard's party navigates the top-down environments, encountering and interacting with characters, friendly and otherwise. Compared to Wasteland, the role-playing system is simpler, with more traditional leveling up and more focus on combat abilities. The skill system is present, but skills need to be acquired or learn from trainers rather than increased by repeated usage. Most of the skills are combat-oriented, though some (such as hacking, swimming, and others) apply to non-combat activities. Poor Richard found himself in hell. He doesn't understand why, but he knows for sure that he doesn't like it there and that's why he doesn't intend to warm up for a long time. He immediately starts looking for a way out and realizes that he won't get far on his own. The way out is carefully guarded by sadistic hellhounds. No good-natured Trepifajksl will cross his path, but monsters like Worm Lord, Code Warrior, Monk, Moaner, Skeleton and Stench Beast. Even Mozart, Hamlet, or even Genghis Khan are stuck in hell. Join forces to escape from hell! The game is directly crammed with humorous allusions to the Bible and pop culture and interspersed with puzzles in the spirit of the adventure games of the time.

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