Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon

DOS game, 1992

Coktel Vision
Sierra On-Line
3rd-person, Side-view
Puzzle elements, Humor
DOS (1992), Amiga (1992), Atari ST (1992), Macintosh (1992)
Also known as:
Goblins 2, Gobliiins 2

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Continuation of fun adventure game, where goblins are the main characters, and which one should once again make you laught a lot. In previous game, we rescued the king from the hands of the evil magician and once again authors of the game prepared trully "original" plottitled Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon. Yes, we will once again play the role of kingdom saviors. This time is in trouble youthful Prince Buffoon, he has been kidnapped by an offensive ammonia - a typical villain. It is capable of everything, crazy, perverted, nasty smells and even the greatest heroes are afraid of him. Let's do it! …read more

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Game review

So we have a continuation of the merry-going adventure of the goblins, which should shake our diaphragms again and also somehow torment the brain threads.
In the previous work, we saved the poor king from the clutches of an evil magician, and know that the authors prepared a similarly "original" plot for us in the second work. Yes, again we will be cast into the role of saviors of the kingdom. This time, the young Prince Buffoon is in trouble, who was kidnapped by the disgusting Ammonia - a typical negative. He is omnipotent, insane, perverted, disgusting, stinks, and before his majesty, he allows all the hero's sphincters ... um ... so into him!

At the beginning, all players who see at least one eye will register the first change, which concerns the main cast - three dwarves from the last part have a holiday and are replaced by Fingus and Winkle. From the point of view of the sympathizers who will accompany you practically throughout the game. Control is no longer limited by the fact that each character can only do a specific activity, as was the case in number one, but both heroes can do essentially the same thing: pick up / use / talk. However, there is a significant difference in their ways and nature, a little more thoughtful Fingus always chooses the "cleaner work" and more decent behavior. On the contrary, Winkle likes to "dig" and he has no problem grabbing anyone by the throat. In the more advanced phase of the game, you will even get the aforementioned Prince Buffoon under your mouse for a while, which is undoubtedly another interesting variation.

So now we can move freely to technical processing. If the graphics of the first Goblins seemed a bit gone in places, then know that in a couple it will be delirious at times. The fact is that I personally don't mind this style in any way and, on the contrary, it accurately captures the crazy atmosphere of the whole game. In some places, it reaches heights, where only a select few can see it, plus some collectors of mushrooms - bald eagles (after playing the game you will understand). Another indisputable positive is the number and diversity of locations. With the goblins you will crawl anywhere in your home village, look at the castle, under the water, scaled down, you will run around the desk, well ... well, you'll just see a lot.

However, in proportion to the size, the overall difficulty also increased, and here I am no longer quite sure if it is for the good of the cause. Indeed, the authors have prepared several "logical" tasks and tweaks for us, which are especially baked, and many players could start yelling vulgarly into an unsuspecting monitor in a fit of helplessness, or badly damage the surrounding furniture, or God forbid in the direction of the instructions . Well, what else would I say, the game will simply take you by surprise, and I think you will get bogged down many times before you see the desired end (of course, I don't mean your end, just for the sake of order).

What can definitely not be denied to the game is the number of humorous scenes, which she completely inherited from her predecessor and often some situations are reminiscent of grotesque. Whoever sat in this style in the first part will definitely not be disappointed by the second.

To sum it up nicely now, we can say quite confidently that Gobliins 2 is worth it. It has its own charm, it does not lack humor, interesting graphics, several original ideas that differentiate it from the original Goblins, and after all, even the higher difficulty can be a challenge. So good luck ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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