Ace Ventura

Windows game, 1996

7th Level
Amber Company
Puzzle elements, Mystery, Animals, Cartoon, Humor
Windows (1996), Windows 3.x (1996)
Also known as:
Ace Ventura: Detective de Mascotas, Ace Ventura: Psi Detektyw, Danger. Babes. Butt yodeling. It's all in a day's work., Große Gefahren. Schöne Frauen. Schlechte Manieren - Alles inklusive, Niebezpieczeństwo. Niezłe laski. Jodłowanie tyłkiem. Oto jeden dzień pracy.

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In 1996, the zany world of Ace Ventura, the eccentric pet detective popularized by Jim Carrey's portrayal, leaped from the big screen to the realm of PC gaming. Ace Ventura, a detective who helps to find all kinds of animals. Bats just don't do him any good... The game with the same name took the cartoon series with the same name as a template for its graphic page. However, the game does not deny its crazy, sometimes "peppery" humor. The game is a classic point and click adventure game that resembles the tone of the Leisure Suit Larry series by Sierra Games, in that it approaches the adult style of humor featured, which is implied but never shown, all while remaining faithful to the family-friendly tone established in the corresponding animated series broadcasting at the time. The objects and scenes have that bright, bulky Fisher Price quality. And if you ever actually get stuck, a special button on Ace's watch delivers audio clues that take out most of the guesswork. There's even a setting that lets parents edit out some of Ace's choice phrases, although even without the parent setting on, Ace's language barely goes beyond third-grade bathroom humor. The humor, albeit sophomoric in some places, and hilarious animations make the game well worth the huge download, although expert adventure gamers will find the game disappointingly easy.

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