Wolfenstein 3D

DOS game, 1992

id Software
Apogee Software
Shooter, 3D action

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I'll start again with an irrelevant story, the year is 1943. Allied agent William "B.J." Blazkowicz is sent on an important mission to uncover the secret program of the Third Reich, which is an attempt to build a perfect army - the code name is Operation Eisenfaust. However, Blazkowicz is captured during the operation and imprisoned in the dungeon of Wolfenstein Castle. During the escape, you will then have to fight not only with German soldiers in his skin ...

Your weapons arsenal is not rich at all, but taken around and it doesn't matter much, just a piercing submachine gun is enough. In addition, if you launch a salvo first and do not let your opponent exhale, he cannot logically raise and aim the weapon, let alone fire it, quite logically and under the weight of your "arguments". the difficulty is solid, nothing will protect you from the lurking corner around the corner. Then very little is enough and you will go to the eternal hunting grounds. This is how you enter a room with several opponents, start firing and then quickly back out in front of the numerical superiority, so you have to look for a suitable shelter, as it is certain that the inhabitants of the room will immediately come to you. Of course you can stay and try what you can handle, but then say hello up there. In short, a world awaits you, in which you have to be careful on every corner and mistakes are severely punished. Not to mention the bosses! You'll also have some fun with them ... the recommended is savegame.

Wolfenstein is the first of the firstperson shooters and he looks the same. If you just need to eliminate enemies that are poured on you like soup from a bag, I can only recommend the wolf. But don't expect anything more, he's just a pioneer in this category of games.

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