DOS game, 1993

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id Software
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Horror, 3D action
DOS (1993), Windows (1995), SNES (1995), 3DO (1995), Game Boy Advance (2001)

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After Wolfenstein 3D, Doom is the founder and defining game of the 3D FPS genre. You become a nameless hero sent to Mars after a superior officer was attacked and ordered his unit to fire on civilians. UAC has secretly experimented with teleportation between the two moons of Mars: Phobos and Deimos, but the gates to hell itself have opened, demons have taken over the base on Phobos, and you, as the only survivor, must fight your way through hordes of demons. …read more

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Story? Does anyone even know the story of the legendary Doom and its sequel? Maybe yes maybe no. In the same way, the story in Doom is about as important as in porn. Everyone knows that there is probably one, but not that it matters.
Well, good. The story takes place on the moon Phobos, one of the satellites of Mars. Attempts are being made this month to move matter to the second month, Deimos. Everything worked beautifully, the matter flew here and there. The problem arose when hordes of creatures began to pour out of the space gates. It wouldn't even matter if the creatures had a rabbit or something ... But the rabbit wasn't the only one there.
A special commando is sent into space, of which you are a member. Of course, you could also play as a chef on the ship, but it probably wouldn't be that interesting. After planting, you will probably notice creatures that are not very similar to humans. Well, they may look like some people, but in most cases people don't. Your undeniable advantage is that you will not be convicted of the murder of Impa ...
I burst into the room, there's not much light anywhere, something will have to be done. It was done, too, pretty quickly. A flying fireball beautifully illuminates the scene. I didn't hesitate for a second, I jumped into the corner and shot the demon with a shotgun. He flew beautifully and created a picture on the wall. There is one more charge in the chamber, I run through the room and wash it into Impa. Another greasy happy stain on the wall. Come on next. Just come on, there's enough ammo. It's not. I retreat around someone's corpse and take the bullets and it's decided the next room is mine. The terrible stench of entrails and burnt flesh filled the surroundings. Hmm de se dál. There are still not enough cartridges. It doesn't matter, the chainsaw is good too, and if I'm lucky I'll dial a discount on my luck bike, as Přemek says.
I walk down a dark corridor, silence, peace and tranquility everywhere. Like Christmas. A bersekr is crashing from the side corridor and the motorbike has a job. The color of the walls changed to red. I keep running, the corridor is too narrow, I'm afraid for health. Also, yeah, a suspicious silence was supposed to warn me .... KABOOOM, the rocket took me in the stomach and I'm slowly turning into minced meat ... Next time I'll be careful.

The aim of the game is to destroy everything and everyone, best to survive alone. You end the first episode by killing the Hell Barons and clearing Phobos. Where now? Well, for the second month ...
The second episode therefore takes place on the lunar base of Deimos. You must fight your way through the entire complex and kill the Cyberdemon that controls this base. It is far stronger and more dangerous than previous Infernal Barons. By destroying it, you have achieved victory, at least you think so. But one look is enough and all hopes are dashed. The moon Deimos flies over Hell itself, even with your little one. The only decision is the right one, you throw yourself over the edge of the moon and fall on the surface of Hell. Now you will show all the dark devils how precious your life is.
And the expensive one really is, at the opposite end of the scales there is already a nice pile of corpses, but the food is still missing. The final enemy. He has a few legs more than you (if you still have two) and a rotary machine gun ...

You start the game with a shotgun on 8 cartridges, which is suitable for small groups of enemies, preferably individuals. it takes a long time to charge. further pistols and fists, these weapons are not much, but when there is nothing else ... Use more out of coercion than common sense. Machine gun - just a machine gun, huge cadence, low efficiency. But when a horde of imps runs after you, you will be happy for a machine gun. I can't forget the rocket launcher from the classic, can I? as one of the few weapons it can hurt you too, so i don't recommend shooting in tight corridors or even trying to see what the wall lasts a meter in front of you. At best, you will be looking for a first aid kit, at worse a funeral home. A favorite weapon for short-range weapons is the chainsaw. Effectively cuts, cuts and chops. But you have to face the xindl who wants to kill you. The plasma rifle can increase your chances of survival and you may even leave on your own. Consumption of ammunition is similar to a machine gun, ie ku *** large. And last but not least, you can use BFG9000 in the last episode inferno. BFG stands for Big Fucking Gun. The name fully corresponds to the weapon. It is recommended by 11 out of 10 dentists, they will not have to create a new jaw ... However, in long distances, a rocket launcher is better, because approaching Cyberdemon with BFG is something quite life-threatening ...

Good luck or follow the American as a Marine good luck guys ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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