Doom 2: Hell on Earth

DOS game, 1994

id Software
CDV Software
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Horror, 3D action
DOS (1994), Windows (1995), Macintosh (1995), Game Boy Advance (2002)
Also known as:
Doom2, Doom II: Hell on Earth

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Continuation of Doom garnered a great publicity and very good response in gamers comunity. Doom 2 has been played on school computers for many years and even now there might be someone playing it somewhere. Today you can play Doom 2 too! Mankind is enslaved and you're the only one able to save him. Classic is not it? As a member of the special forces you have to clean the base of demons and find a lever to benefit mankind. This time the demons brought his reality and technology, so everything looks different. However, dead alien on the wall still looks the same, believe me. If there is ever going to be the top 10 game legends, Doom 2 should be on the top of this, it's a truly absolut game legend. Doom 2 was a gamer's dream come true and the nervous parent's worse nightmare.

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Doom's sequel was well received. Nothing else has been played on school computers for many years, and even now they may be played somewhere. You can play Duma too today! Humanity is enslaved and you are the only one who is able to save it. Classic isn't it? As a member of the special forces, your task is to clear the base of demons and there is no trick to liberate humanity. this time the demons brought their reality and technology, so everything looks different. But pampering Imp on the wall still looks the same, believe me.

I have to go on, I only have one friend - a rotary machine gun. We've been going together for a nice Radka days and we're cleaning the base. Enough philosophy, definitely someone is around the corner, I feel it. She ran into the room and sprinkled the lurking soldier. There are fewer of them right now and I feel better ....

When you clear the base, humanity can evacuate so cool. You are the last person on the planet. You have completed the task. beautiful holiday in the company of mutants of heaven and less than worse. Look, a new invasion has begun. There's nothing you can do, soldier, back to work!

... the first rocket went off, but the others made the demons cucky. I collect pharmacies and keep running. There are others waiting, but I won't give in to Lacin. You will destroy the weaker with a machine gun and then we will see what happens next. Slowly run out of ammunition, I only have a pistol. Retreat! After the pin again? Where does it all come from? The door opens behind me and more soldiers come out. Here you go! I got a few, but ... LOAD

Found in a disturbed city center (is it still a city?), Surrounded by the corpses of enemies to find that there is no way on THIS side to close the way for demons. So you grit your teeth and head sharply through the city. On the other hand, there must be some way to close their entrance. What to worry about whether Because of this you will have to go through hell to get to the chilli. The rocket launcher is a powerful weapon.

The last and Greatest Demons realized this too late, at a time when his brain was turning into a mess. Who will it have? 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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