Pick 'n Pile

DOS game, 1990

Ubi Soft Entertainment
Ubi Soft Entertainment

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The basic premise of Pick 'n Pile is to match and eliminate tiles from a playfield. The game consists of a grid filled with various colored and shaped tiles. Players must rearrange these tiles to create vertical or horizontal rows of matching shapes or colors. Once a matching row is formed, it disappears, and the tiles above fall down to fill the gaps, potentially creating a chain reaction of matches.

One of the key challenges in Pick 'n Pile is time. Players are against the clock, needing to clear the tiles as quickly as possible. This time pressure adds an exciting pace to the game, making it not just a test of pattern recognition and strategic planning, but also of quick reflexes and decision-making under pressure. The game increases in difficulty as players progress through the levels. New tile shapes and colors are introduced, and the grid size can change, adding more complexity to the puzzle. This gradual increase in challenge keeps the gameplay engaging and ensures a steady learning curve for players.

Despite its simplicity, Pick 'n Pile offers a surprising depth of strategy. Players must think ahead, considering the implications of each move on the layout of the grid. Effective strategies might include setting up the board to create multiple chain reactions or planning several moves ahead to clear difficult-to-match tiles.

Pick 'n Pile blend of color and shape matching, combined with time-pressured challenges, makes it a captivating and enjoyable game. The game's increasing difficulty and strategic depth ensure that it remains entertaining and mentally stimulating over time.

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