The Incredible Machine 2

DOS game, 1994

Jeff Tunnell Productions
Sierra On-Line
Puzzle elements, Paddle / Pong
DOS (1994), Macintosh (1994), Windows (1995), Windows 3.x (1995)
Also known as:
TIM2, TIM3, The Incredible Machine 3, Professor Tims verrückte Werkstatt, Les Incroyables Machines du Professeur Tim, インクレディブル・マシーン3

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The Incredible Machine 2 screenshot 2The Incredible Machine 2 screenshot 3The Incredible Machine 2 screenshot 4The Incredible Machine 2 screenshot 5

The second part of the series The Incredible Machine. As usuall with sequels, the number of tools available has increased, their use has become even more diverse, and the graphics are a bit more enjoyable. The game contains three modes: puzzle mode, workshop (level editor) and a game for two players. In puzzle mode, there are several levels, from the simplest, where you have to drop the ball, to the most difficult, in which you need to arrange the objects in the correct order in order to solve the level correctly. The most difficult level has two puzzles, in one of which you have to place the lasers in the right direction and in the other - throw all the billiard balls into the hole, while you also have to calculate the trajectory correctly. With these levels might seem easy at first, the latest are really hard and everyone will sweat solving them. In workshop mode, you can create a puzzle according to your taste and creativity, and at the same time program the circumstances under which it can be solved. Another mode is a game for two. There is a competition between Professor Tim and ... the cat.

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