Windows game, 2000

Krisalis Software
LEGO Interactive
Building, Educational

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Legoland, released in 2000, is a creative and engaging theme park simulation game that allows players to design and manage their own Legoland theme park. Aimed primarily at younger players, the game combines the fun and imagination associated with LEGO with the challenges of park management.

In the game, players start with a blank canvas and build their park from the ground up. This involves selecting and placing various LEGO-themed rides, attractions, and landscapes. Each element of the park is LEGO-styled, from the roller coasters and Ferris wheels to the trees and buildings, making for a visually delightful and cohesive theme park experience.

Players must balance the fun aspect of creating a park with the management side, which includes hiring staff, maintaining rides, and keeping visitors happy. The game gradually introduces more complex concepts, making it an accessible learning tool for younger players interested in management and design.

The graphics are colorful and appealing, capturing the vibrant and playful essence of LEGO. The user interface is intuitive and kid-friendly, encouraging creativity and experimentation in park layout and design.

Legoland is an ideal game for fans of LEGO and those who enjoy casual simulation games. It offers a unique twist on the theme park genre, combining the creativity of LEGO with the fun and challenge of park management, making it an enjoyable and educational experience for players.

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