LEGO Rock Raiders

Windows game, 1999

Data Design Interactive
LEGO Interactive
Windows (1999)

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Lego Rock Raiders is a strategy game by Data Design Interactive released for PC and PS one game console. The focus is on a construction strategy with an emphasis on the extraction of mineral resources, but there should also be action. The game contains 16 single-player campaign missions, but it is not necessary to complete all of them to complete the game. This is probably the first LEGO game that was, at least in the case of the PC version, more favorably received by gaming critics. Set in a richly detailed LEGO universe, the game's storyline revolves around the Rock Raiders' mission to mine Energy Crystals and other resources, needed to power their spaceship and return home. Players managed their team of miners, each with specific skills and roles, navigating through various levels filled with obstacles, hidden treasures, and indigenous creatures. The famous name and successful packaging cannot hide some deficiencies in the game design, for example pathfinding: the miners rarely choose the shortest route and sometimes get lost in the caves. The user interface is also outdated even for its time, for example: in order to clear several rock faces for mining, it is not enough to simply mark them. Rather, you have to click on each section individually and give the command to drill using the menu. All in all, Rock Raiders is an amazingly motivating game and should also be fun for older players due to the sometimes tough level of difficulty.

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