Zoo Tycoon

Windows game, 2001

Blue Fang Games
Isometric, Top-down
Managerial, Animals, Real-time
Windows (2001), Macintosh (2003)
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This is a classic tycoon game set in a zoo environment. With 2D graphics, around 40 animals available for adoption, several types of environments, and very undemanding gameplay, Zoo Tycoon (ZT) is a great way to relax. The main objective is to generate revenue from satisfied visitors. It begins with an empty plot where paths and sidewalks need to be laid out, cages for animals with the appropriate soil and vegetation arranged, water areas added, and so on. Naturally, each animal has different requirements, which are detailed in a user-friendly encyclopedia. However, the zoo also attracts human visitors, necessitating the construction of benches, kiosks, shops, restaurants, and children’s play areas to prevent the zoo from becoming merely a sanctuary for animals. Additionally, it is crucial to purchase animals and place them in suitable enclosures (putting an elephant behind a simple wire fence is not advisable). The staff, from breeders to cleaners, must also not be overlooked. The game was expanded with two expansion packs (Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania) and a sequel, Zoo Tycoon 2, which follows the same principles but features 3D graphics and numerous expansion packs.

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# DrBob
1 year ago

Dear admin Thank you for a great download site .I managed to download Zoo Tycoon with Marina but once i installed it and pressed play it vanishes like its about to start but nothing happens. Please help me to be able to play the game. Thank you for your feedback

# DrBob
1 year ago

I can assist in writing a review for this game if i can play it

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