Dinopark Tycoon

DOS game, 1993

Manley & Associates
Managerial, Educational, Dinosaurs
DOS (1993), 3DO (1994), Macintosh (1994)

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In the 90s "Tycoons" were very popular building strategies. They were focus mainly on traffic and normal life. One of the most original Tycoon game is Dinopark Tycoon and as the name suggests you have to build a theme park with dinosaurs. To build a successful theme park, you have to excell in several activities: buy dinosaurs, secure park fence, provide food, toilets, hire employees, set the right admission fees and maintain the park profitable. The game concept is very similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon, but with dinosaurs your responsibility and worries are increasing (you have to grow plants for herbivores and provide meat for carnivores, etc..). The goal of the game is to successfully manage the dinosaur park. The player starts with a fixed amount - a loan of 5000 dollars. He then uses the money to expand the park - to buy lots, dinosaurs, fencing, food and employees needed to operate the park. He has to gradually repay the loan, if he fails, it means the park is closed and the game is over. Due to possible problems, a hint in the form of an animated dinosaur is also available. In the game, the player also has to deal with a number of inconveniences - such as running away dinosaurs, sick employees, or lower attendance at certain times of the year.

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