RollerCoaster Tycoon

DOS game, 1999

Chris Sawyer Productions
Hasbro Interactive
Managerial, Real-time, Building
Windows (1999)
Also known as:
RCT, White Knuckle, Guoshanche Daheng, 过山车大亨

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In the simulation / strategy gaming world there are two legendary names: Sid Meier and Chris Sawyer. Today we bring you an absolute classic from the second one, game named RollerCoaster Tycoon and as the name suggests, is attempting to build an amusement park with all that belongs to it. RollerCoaster Tycoon originally started as a sequel to Transport Tycoon back in 1996, but the sequel was abandoned and the code modified to handle roller coasters instead of transport vehicles. You build and maintain various attractions in the park, not forgetting the additional services (food stalls, toilets,...). The more attractions you have, the more you earn. But it is not so simple, you have to set the right prices and take care of your visitors so your park receive the highest evaluation. Depending on how you adjust the rides, how expensive (cheap) you park is, you get awarded various prices, which also attract more visitors. Don't think just about money, but keep in mind the happiness of your visitors, the value of the park and opinions of visitors, because money is not the main thing (or at least in this game). The game has some of the beautiful graphics, nice music accompanying attractions, but mostly this is a huge fun game, that will entertain you for several hours.

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