Civilization II

DOS game, 1996

MicroProse Software
MicroProse Software
Isometric, Top-down
History, Managerial, Turn-based

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The legend of all strategic turn-based games. All the new things introduced in first Civilization were made even better in this continuation - Civilization II. You start with only a small unit of population with basic knowledge in the small area. Your task is to build a new intelligent civilizations, which becomes dominant either that recharges all other civilizations, or by sending a spaceship to Alpha Centauri.

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Game review

After the legendary Civilization, of course, there had to be a sequel, and how else, Civilization number two came forward ...

First for those who do not know the first part. It is a turn-based strategy, the playing area is divided into squares and the units move along them. You start as a settler and after founding the first city you have to create a strong empire and then conquer the world. You can also choose a humane path and win the way to build a spaceship. So much for the first part. For more information, you can visit the review of the first part or the entire website.

The second part is the same plot, again you have to conquer the whole planet. There have, of course, been a few changes to the game's controls. The first difference is that the game is in windows design. Commenting on this change is probably not worth it, but it is very surprising. One has the impression of starting a program rather than continuing a legend. Likewise, the excellent introductory animation from the first part has no sequel. Unfortunately. The overall graphic design is significantly improved and overall it can be said that it is not much better to do it with the same principle of the game (without compromising control).

The actual control of the troops has hardly changed. The classic squares (classic squared paper) from the first part have changed into diamonds, so you can move around the surface much better. Fortunately, the use of old abbreviations, such as goto, has not changed, there is nothing to improve. Likewise, the manipulation of cities and other controls has hardly changed.

So far, there has only been an improvement in graphics and cosmetic changes, so what's new? Mainly the ability to play campaigns. Not only predefined, but you can also create your own, but more on that. As a standard, the campaign is World War II and Rome. There are a huge number of other, more or less playable, campaigns on the Internet. Why playable? Due to the fact that the campaign will move you in time to the already played game, where the sides are relatively evenly distributed .... the result is a relatively long trench warfare. With the campaigns, new maps stretch, Europe, the Mediterranean, India ... So you can fight almost anywhere.

Of course, there are also new units, most of the efforts of the programmers went to the modern age, so in addition to the old atomic bombs, you can use guided missiles, fly helicopters and use airborne commandos. Everything is again precisely processed in civilopedia. So new units are blessed.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not hear about the creation of a new version, so the policy system remains very similar. However, the negotiations have shifted a bit towards the Master of Orion, so you are also indicated how you stand in the evaluation of a particular civilization. But in predefined campaigns, there are situations where Hitler connects with Churchill and the like.

And overall? The only advantage of the windows design is that to reduce the game, simply press the button in the upper right corner. The graphic changes are sufficient, but the overall impression of the game is mixed. Although it is very difficult to follow the legend, this game seems to be slightly finished, just a few extra animations would significantly improve the impression. Nevertheless, I have to recommend this game to everyone ... moment ... five, yes, five fingers on each limb, you will definitely not regret ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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# Mistrui
1 year ago

it crashes right after selecting your tribe if there a fix to this?

# mylan
1 year ago

Try redownloading the game file again. There was corrupted file, sorry about that.

# Ovca8311
1 year ago

Mne to vôbec nejde ani len spustiť...môžem dostať nejaký návod? Ďakujem

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