Steg the Slug

DOS game, 1993

Big Red Software
3rd-person, Platform, Side-view
Animals, Puzzle elements

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There is one great thing about games - you can put yourself in the role of anyone, for example, the role of the slug, as it is in game: Steg the Slug. The principle of the game is simple - you are caring father/mother and you have to feed your starving young slugs. There are many obstacles and traps you must solve to feed the youngs with the maggots. You can transport worms through air bubbles you create by holding the space bar. Steg must hold his breath until the maggot is close enough to capture. Bubble must be timed correctly, otherwise it will not catch a worm in it. Since the Steg is a slug, he moves very slowly (he can also climb the walls tho), but in the game you can get bonuses that will speed up your movement (robotic legs, jet pack and other power ups).

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