Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance

DOS game, 1996

Synergistic Software
Sierra On-Line
1st-person, Top-down
DOS (1996), Windows (1996)
Also known as:
Birthright: Le Pacte des Ténèbres, Birthright: Die Dunkle Allianz

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Birthright is a very complicated, but at the same time very elaborate mix of real-time / turn-based strategy and dungeon, built on the rules of AD&D, with a world and a story based on the book Iron Throne. In the beginning, the player chooses one of the provinces to manage. In each there are several types of buildings that serve different purposes. It is mostly the so-called guilds that take care of the development of the industry. The aim of the game is to gradually occupy all the provinces and face Gorgon, the king of the country. In order for a player to win a province, he must win not only militarily but also diplomatically and persuade its inhabitants to join his side. In addition to the strategic part of the game, there are also heroic tasks, which take place in a classic dungeon style, influenced by basic RPG elements, and serve to increase the hero's experience, find magic items and money, which will be added to the strategic treasury after successfully completing the task. The disadvantage of performing tasks is the inability to save the position.

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