X-COM: Terror from the Deep

DOS game, 1995

MicroProse Software
MicroProse Software
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based
DOS (1995)
Also known as:
幽浮2:深海出擊, X-COM 2, XCOM 2, UFO 2, UFO: Terror from the Deep, XCOM: Terror from the Deep, TFTD

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Deja Vu. This is how I would characterize second sequel of the legendary turn-based strategy UFO: Enemy Unknown (known as X-COM: UFO Defense in the US). The game X-COM: Terror from the Deep is almost the same as its predecessor and I sometimes felt that it should be rather the expansion pack than a loose sequel. As for the game itself, there is nothing new, because the system of playing is shamefully identical to the previous work. All buildings, all your submarines, all the weapons and equipment is exactly the same as in the first game, it all has been just adapted to work underwater. Of course, the game has maintain its excellent gameplay, but lacks a bigger dose of innovation. …read more

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Game review

Dejavu. This is how I would characterize this second sequel to the legendary turn-based strategy of Ufo E.U. This part is exactly the same as its predecessor, so sometimes I feel that it should be a data disk rather than a free sequel. And what is this game all about?

After destroying an alien base on Mars, a stream of energy was fired at planet earth, activating computers in a thousand-year-old spaceship that began thawing a cryogenically frozen alien garment, which then amassed and cloned for 50 years and began infiltrating the planet. And since only one organization is familiar with this faculty, Holt has to tackle the extraterrestrial problem again. Yes it's X-com. This time, the enemies no longer attack from the air but, on the contrary, from the cold, dark, terrestrial seas and oceans.

As for the game itself, there is nothing to stand for, because the game system is disgracefully similar to the previous work. All construction, all your submarine fleet, all weapons and equipment is exactly the same as the previous part, only they were adapted to work underwater.

As for the graphic design, it is Des. Light blue everywhere, a little yellow, a little green. Boring dull to downright depressing. Even the globe has lost its colorful variety and beautifully colored continents with deserts, mountains and vast plains, replacing the globe with blue bodies of water and yellow spots that look like continents. As for the graphics of the characters ... I would like to praise the graphics of the menagerie whose task you are to destroy.

Music and sound effects are much better and better underline the atmosphere. The intelligence of your enemies, on the other hand, has increased. They no longer behave like a bunch of dull, crooked, blind shots. They are intelligent, they cross each other and their shooting accuracy and ability to react is also sometimes quite nervous. So you have to think a lot and try to choose the best possible tactics. Unfortunately, the mimics did not undergo any changes other than the visage. The gameplay is the same as the previous work, so I won't write anything about it. The interface is the same, only the ability to back up time units to a click has been added.

As for the story, it is in a way original and, unlike in the past, more elaborate, and in fact the whole Ufopédia has such a more professional scientific character.

Research and development was more complicated in the game, especially research where it is no longer enough to find an alien artifact, but you must also catch a certain team of aliens (either alive or dead) so that the artifact can be examined and subsequently produced. Likewise, the financing did not undergo special changes, only instead of individual states, some unions and various communities of nations or something were formed on the ground.

That's about it. X-com TTD is a good game, but when I play it, I think it gets the feeling that I've played this before, but it seemed to me that it had better graphics. 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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