X-COM: UFO Defense

DOS game, 1994

Mythos Games
MicroProse Software
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based
DOS (1994), Amiga (1994), Amiga CD32 (1994)
Also known as:
X-COM 未知なる侵略者, X-Com: UFO Defense Collector's Edition, X-COM: Terran Defense Force, X-COM: Michi Naru Shinryakusha, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, UFO: Enemy Unknown, UFO: Der unbekannte Gegner

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In UFO: Enemy Unknown you are the director and manager of a global agency for the fight (as the name suggests) against alien races, visiting our planet. Your budget depends on contribution from different countries in the world. If you can protect countries, the contribution will rise, but if you can't protect them, they will lower their contributions. Game has a very good, sophisticated game system (especially when you have to initially examine your enemy and after you know everything, you mightcrush them directly) and many possibilities (include great managerial part of the game) made this game excellent. Believe me, you are gonna play this game for hours.

Unfortunetally, this game is no longer abandonware.

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UFO:Enemy Unknown − Naučte sa podnikať

Probably everyone in their life has thought of business. But the question still lies in what to do? In what field does no company operate yet? The issue is now resolved.

At UFO: The EU is the director and manager of a global agency to combat (as the name suggests) alien visits on our planet. From the beginning, your budget revenues are only contributions from all the world's influential countries. The way you (not) guard individual states will later be reflected in a reduction or increase in their contributions.

But let's start from the beginning. First you have to choose where to build your first base. This is made possible on the basic game screen with a globe. After setting up the base, you then need to expand it. From the basic (living quarters for soldiers, scientists and engineers) to defense and research. After the initial expansion, you must hire scientists to study all the things you have gained by fighting the aliens. Initially, you also have to buy weapons and ammunition, later you will make them yourself for more modern types of weapons.

Once you set up this way, you start the speed of the passing time on the globe screen and wait for your first victim. When it arrives, you shoot it down with a fighter jet and then send your liquidation team to the crash site. The tactical mode is done in turn, with each of your soldiers having limited units of time in which to walk a certain trajectory or perform an action. The higher the rank, the more time. Rank rises with combat experience. After clicking on the move, the aliens play. There are enough types of weapons. I won't name them because research is one of the most fun options of this game. You can't do without it in the fight against increasingly powerful ships and creatures of the enemy. Sometimes foreigners attack a city and you have to go massacre them just as you would when you set up your base somewhere. You also have the opportunity to establish more bases around the globe. The only limit is money. Over time, you will gain tactical, but mainly technological superiority also thanks to the interrogation of captured or surviving aliens. The task is clear, face the attacks of aliens and try to destroy them forever. How you undertake this task is up to you.

Technical side of the game: As for the graphics, with regard to the time when this game was created, all that remains is to take off the headdress (not the hair !!!). The sounds in the game are also very good, but what is excellent is the music. It guides you through all screens and evokes the atmosphere pleasantly according to the situation. Of course, the control could be criticized, but even so, it is very sufficient.

Verdict: Thanks to sophistication, where you have to research first and then crush the enemy directly, and many options that include only management games, this game has excellent gameplay and will last you a very long time.

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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