Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic

DOS game, 1988

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
1st-person, Top-down
Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Space

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Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic is a space adventure game that takes players on an exciting journey across the galaxy. In this game, you're part of a team on a mission to uncover a mysterious threat in the far reaches of space. It's a mix of exploring new planets, space combat, and solving puzzles.

You get to fly a spaceship, traveling to different star systems and landing on unknown planets. Each planet has its own story, characters, and challenges. The game is not just about fighting in space; you also have to talk to people you meet, gather clues, and figure out the mystery.

The combat part is really cool because you need to think about your moves. It's turn-based, which means you take turns to attack or defend against enemy ships. This makes battles more about strategy than quick reactions.

One of the best things about Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic is how it makes you feel like a real space explorer. The game has lots of details about the planets and the life in its universe, making the world feel alive and interesting.

For anyone who loves space adventures and enjoys a good story with plenty of action, Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic is a great game to play. It mixes exploring, fighting, and storytelling in a way that keeps you hooked.

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