The Typing of the Dead

Windows game, 2000

Wow Entertainment
Shooter, 3D action
MAME 2003 (1999), Windows (2000)
Also known as:
ザ・タイピング・オブ・ザ・デッド, 死亡打字员, 死亡打字機

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The Typing of the Dead hit Windows with a quirky twist: it turned a zombie shooter game into an education typing trainer. Instead of shooting zombies with guns, players fought off the undead by typing words and phrases quickly and accurately. This game was a wild and fun way to improve typing skills, mixing the thrill of a horror game with the practicality of a typing tutorial. The game is an arcade action rail shooter that takes over the story. locations and enemies from the game The House of the Dead 2. Often the game is taken as a modification of the original game. It differs from the original game in that instead of shooting with a mouse or gamepad, you use letters on the keyboard in fights. Each zombie that attacks you has a randomly generated word written on it, later a sentence or sentence. Your task is to write the zombie's "name" correctly and shoot it. Each correctly spelled letter gives a one-for-one shot and slows the enemy down for a moment. In addition to the story mode, the game also offers an arcade mode, drill mode, training or fights with the bosses themselves. In the settings, you can change the difficulty, the number of lives or the number of repetitions when you die. There is also a Network Mode where you can play online with another live player in co-op mode. The vs CPU mode offers the possibility to play against an opponent who is controlled by artificial intelligence.

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