Tank Racer

Windows game, 1999

Glass Ghost
Grolier Interactive
Shooter, Tank
Windows (1999)

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If I say: "Imagine a racing game and racing vehicles in it", what kind of vehicles are you gonna imagine? Most of us will think about formula, or fast cars like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. The more adventurous ones might imagine cars from games like Ignition, but only few can imagine the whole racing game about only one type of vehicle - tanks. And that's exactly what's Tank Racer is all about. It may not seem at the first glance, this is a perfectly playable, fun and addictive game. Since you are using tanks to race, so you will benefit not only from the improved speed and maneuverability of these vehicles, but also from the quality that you won't find in ordinary vehicles - tanks can shoot. Your gol is to overcome your opponents and shoot them at the same time, so you can, at least slow them down. There are a total of 15 tanks available in the game (some of tanks are secret) and you can race in 22 different locations. Places where you race are really very diverse - from the quiet English village, located somewhere in the English countryside, through the haunted streets of New Orleans, scenic European towns to a variety of natural sceneries. The game provides a great multiplayer options and a variety of power-ups, which only adds to the fun. The game was a success not only on PC, but also on mobile phones.

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6 months ago

Works on Windows 10 too with no problems!
Just run tankrace.exe

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