NBA Hang Time

Windows game, 1996

Midway Games
Midway Games
3rd-person, Side-view
Windows (1996), SNES (1996), Nintendo 64 (1996), Genesis (1996), MAME 2003 (1996)
Also known as:
NBA Hangtime

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There are several ways to access games. For example, you either create a very realistic game and try to get as close to reality as possible, but then you may create a boring game. So the second approach is to create a game where you engage your imagination and make the game special. You have to admit that creating a realistic basketball simulator can be fun (the NBA live series is proof of that), but it's much better to come up with something crazier to bring the basketball game to life. And that's exactly what the creators of NBA Hang Time thought. Although it is a very good basketball game, it is also an incredible prank where you will have fun. The baskets in this game are not given in the normal way you are used to, but you put the baskets by hanging on the basket, doing somersaults, whether you start shouting like Tarzan and then what ... then you hang the basket properly. Not for nothing is the game called Hang Time (time hanging in the air, or in basketball it means the time the ball is in the air). The referee is almost non-existent in this game, so the rules are considerably relaxed, which corresponds to the crazy matches you play. A great option is, for example, the creation of your own player, where the possibilities are also crazy - for example, you have a choice of 53 different heads, among which you will find, for example, a pig, a frankestine, a rooster, a cow or an alien. You can see for yourself that the game is about pure exhibitionism and fun, so don't hesitate and have fun.

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