GFL Championship Football

DOS game, 1986

Football (American)

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This game is a pioneering sports simulation that brought an innovative first-person perspective to the team sports genre. This game stood out from its contemporaries by offering players a view from the athlete's perspective, a feature that was quite novel for its time. The game's approach to visual representation was a significant departure from the traditional Xs and Os used to depict players in gridiron games of that era.

You experience the game from the viewpoint of the player in control of the ball. This perspective shifts dynamically, from the kicker to the receiver during punts or kickoffs, and from the quarterback to the running back or receiver during passes or kicks. This immersive viewpoint allows players to engage with the game in a more direct and engaging manner, simulating the on-field experience of professional football players.

Executing plays in the game requires a unique control mechanism where players rotate controls to select the direction of passes. To successfully catch the ball, players must align the visible hands in the center of the screen, adding an element of skill and timing to the gameplay.

The game features 28 fictional teams divided into four divisions, including creatively named teams such as the Seagulls, Mustangs, and Geronimos. Each team is rated on a scale of 1 to 3 across eight different skill areas, allowing for varied gameplay and strategy depending on the team's strengths and weaknesses. Matches are structured into four quarters, with players having the option to set the in-play time to either 4 or 7 minutes, providing flexibility in game duration.

GFL Championship Football incorporates standard Gridiron rules, challenging players to gain 10 yards in four attempts without fumbling or having a pass intercepted. The game also includes strategic decisions such as when to kick a punt or field goal, depending on the situation on the field. The menu system for selecting plays or teams uses diagonal movements, adding another layer of interaction to the game's interface.

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